Our team


Michelle Jay

Perfume critic

Michelle started working in the company 5 years ago. She has been a stringent tester and harsh critic of all Miller Harris Fragrances, and has been known to throw out perfectly "good" batches of product because they weren't up to the high standards of the company. Unfortunately, while a lot of our team members don't like her... she is a hard worker, and makes our customers love us more with our fine fragrances. 

Jackson Garcia

Manager Of Perfumery

Fragrance heads tend to be a little bit snobbish - but Jackson takes it to a whole new level. While he just wants the best for our customers, he keeps the quality of each and every ingredient to a high standard and ensures each batch is "cooked to perfection". 

No, nobody really likes him because he works everyone super hard. But atleast you can sleep easy knowing your bottle of Miller Harris is crafted to the highest of standards.