Miller Harris Fragrances

A look into the future: pheromone fragrances

Miller Harris is one of the leading perfumers in London - who are know nto create fine fragrances to suit any occasion. Not only are they affordable, they are among the highest quality you can get in terms of niche products. It was founded in the UK in 2000 by Lyn Harris, who named the brand after her father's middle and last names. 

Some notable releases include:

  • L'Air de Rien(2006)

  • Rose en Noir (exclusive to Liberty of London, 2006)

  • Fleurs de Sel(2007), Le Petit Grain (2008)

  • Note de Peau (2008, exclusive to Bon Marché, Paris)

  • Un Petit Rien (2009), 

  •  Fleurs de Bois (2009)

  • Le Pamplemousse (2012)

  • La Fumée Ottoman (2013)

One product called Vetiver Bourbon by Miller Harris is a Woody fragrance for men. Top note is vetiver; middle note is patchouli; base notes are oakmoss, amber and musk.

Scents are beginning to be in high demand for marketing products whether it is perfume or cologne. There  are a lot of companies are showing how their products could make you more attractive and are designed for both men and women. Using scent is an age old concept, but it's only recently that it has become "glorified" in the mainstream.

For example, Axe body sprays often have advertising towards men by portraying their products in such a light that women will come chasing them down the street. However, common sense tells us this is simply not possible (or maybe it is, with quality pheromones perhaps). Regardless, this has come to be an obnoxious advertising strategy and several businesses are striving for the product with the most sex appeal - regardless of whether they contain pheromones. 

Just a quick side note: it has actually become incredibly popular for females to buy items that have human pheromones (namely, copulins - which are excreted during times of ovulation and known to boost testosterone levels within men). 

Currently, with the advancement of scents, fragrance oils, and other methods of producing "pleasureable" effects through the use of fragrance, vendors as well as marketing experts are putting this knowledge to the test (in their favor). Large manufacturers are confident that with this technology, they will be able to put another twist on their marketing campaigns and fuel the skepticism, as well as use of these types of products. 

During and before the 1800's, showering was a luxury reserved for only the most elite - and even then, it was rare to be able to enjoy on a regular basis. With modern advancements, we have also stripped away a vital part of what it means to be human - smelling natural. It with advent of deoderants, perfumes, colognes, scented moisturizers, we now cover up our natural pheromones and smells with synthetic chemicals which may even be harmful to our health. 

For instance, here are some examples of when pheromones were probably employed by mankind in past times:

  • Revealing dangers. As an example, using hugely leader merchandise may make a few fellas very troubled, because it seems just as if a few significant number of adult men all around you (when it's definitely just the pheromones you're wearing). This kind of peculiar emotion is your internal systems alerting you that you might be in a potentially risky situation.

  • Fascination. When you are healthy, you project healthier vibes - because of the quality of your natural pheromones... eating nutritiously, and caring for by yourself, you will generate superior pheromones and bring in the eye associated with a lot more men/women. Celery for example, is known to contain trace amounts of androsterone, which raises androgen hormones or testosterone, and is excreted because of the pheromone molecule androstenone.

  • Loved ones, good friends, and opponents. Whether could the item or definitely not, we are able to subliminally inform in case were next to familiar/unfamiliar folks simply by their smell. Anyone has a distinctive pheromone ratio and smell. As an example, females can develop attachments to their spouses fragrance which are spread on clothes, beds, pillows, and cushions. 

Researchers have actually asked whether human scents or the lack thereof could have impact on personal interactions in the past. There is currently a huge divide - some say yes while others vehemently claim no - the effects of pheromones are negligable and not able to influence behavior in any significant way. 

In past times, showering and bathing was a luxury reserved for only the most elite. It was common to go months without being able to shower, even for the most prestigiously held positions - such as kings or other rulers. By that reasoning, it could also be said that pheromone signals produced a deeper bond between people, and in particular between partners. 

In modern times, arguably the connection between partners has been altered -- and possibly may contribute to higher rates of divorce if looking at it from a purely logical standpoint. Obviously, there are other factors, but this could be a contributing reason. Once individuals started to bathe on a routine basis, the bond between partners begins to deteriorate. 

In areas such as South America, there are herbal aphrodisiacs that locals use as fragrance oils, and incense. Liquid Alchemy Labs ( ), pheromone vendor also uses these types of ingredients in their products to create unique effects - combined with pheromone molecules, they are a powerful combination that is largely ignored and unknown by most people. 

They are one of the most advanced pheromone companies in the world, and offer products with 7+ individual ingredients in order to produce extremely attention grabbing pheromone products. For example, androstenone, androsterone, androstenol, DHEA, DHEAS and several others are known ingredients. But by themselves, they aren't very effective. The real magic presents itself when they are used in certain ratios to create specific effects. Pheromones in humans are not new, but are definitely an interesting concept.

With all this said, it is still a relatively new idea and concept which has a bit of dogma attached to it. In the past, pheromone vendors had relentlessly advertised them as a way to "guarantee" attraction, and have tainted the very real science behind them. We hope in the future this image can change. When it does, Miller Harris perfumes and colognes will definitely be among the first to adopt it into the mainstream.